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          What I have been up to  

   Currently on           tour with          Spin doctors 

    Jack Daley is a world-class bassist, studio musician, record producer, mixer and Studio owner


   After moving to New York city in the late eighties, Jack quickly established himself as one of the city’s top bassists. In 1993, he auditioned with about twenty of New York’s top bassists for Lenny Kravitz’s Universal Love Tour. That was the easy part. After the audition Jack and another hopeful were flown to L.A. to compete in an open, radio-fueled audition that involved 250 more contenders. Jack nailed that audition, and spent nearly 15 years as Lenny’s bassist of choice on world tours, tv appearances, videos, CD’s and DVD’s.

      In addition to his work with Lenny, Jack has been in high demand as a studio bassist, musical director, producer and mixer for numerous prominent artists. Just a partial list of recording and live and or Tv Performances  below 


Beyonce                                 Sara Bareilles                      Natalie Imbruglia

Rob Thomas                          Iggy Pop                                  Des-ree

Joss Stone                              Phillip Phillips                         Mick Jagger

Jay-z                                        Jason Mraz                               Jon Bon Jovi

James Brown                         Everlast                                    Boz Scaggs

Naughty by nature               Five for fighting                      Daryl Hall

Michael Jackson                    Avril Lavigne                           Chaka Khan

Leona Lewis                          Daniel Merriweather             Bo Diddley

Alana Davis                           The Lighthouse Family          Dana Fuchs

Janet Jackson                        David Johannson                    Shawn Colvin    

Natalie Merchant                 The Temptations                   Queen Latifah

Aurea                                     Manolo Garcia                       Marius Westernhagen

Spin Doctors                        Little Steven and the disciples of soul 

                                   Bruce Springsteen and the E street Band  


    Jack’s been a very busy boy, currently juggling production and mixing projects

     with touring and bass sessions, away and at home in his new recording  studio He brings a joyful, professional intensity to every aspect of his career; his all-consuming love of music and his easygoing, collaborative nature have kept him on first-call basis with the best in the business.                 


 "I've always remained proud of the fact that I have been able to work for extended periods of time or on multible records with several artists ! 15 years with Lenny Kravitz ,  4 years and three records with Little Steven, 4 records with Alana Davis ,4 records with Dana fuchs , 4 records with Marius Mueller Westerhagen etc etc . This makes me very happy ."


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