After many years of experimentation a few things have become crystal clear. Leo Fender was quite simply a genius. Both as a  designer and visionary no one has ever created a better bass guitar. Sonically and ergonomicly he just nailed it !!!   



1966 Fender jazz bass black with matching headstock flatwounds

1965 Fender Precision candy apple red roundwounds

1997 Fender custom shop pj black with matching headstock rounds and custom artwork by Jona Cerwinske 

Fender Vintage reissue Pbass with Flats

Musicman BFR Old Smoothie x 2

Musicman fretless black   

1971 Rickenbacker 4001 sunburst flats and rounds 

1968 Hagstrom 8 string 

Hofner club bass custom black finish 

Guild B50 acoustic bass 

1966 Kay Upright



Ashdown abm 900 810 stack 

Ashdown abm 500 210 combo

Ampeg SVT VR 810 stack

1965 Ampeg b15

1973 Bassman 10

Marshall plexi with 4/12





Jack Daley endorses and uses Fender and Hofner basses, Ashdown amplifiers, Celestion Speakers, Dunlop pedals and strings